KBEA-00132 - When and How to Use Annotation Detail


This article contains helpful information to collect when analyzing/troubleshooting ElectricAccelerator builds.

ElectricInsight provides useful reports that you can used to analyze build performance issues and/or troubleshoot problems.


ElectricSimulatorUse performance information from this build to predict approximate performance on a variety of cluster sizes. This requires –emake-annodetail=basic,waiting.
Files modified multiple timesShow files that were modified (created, rewritten, or deleted) multiple times. This requires –emake-annodetail=basic,file.
Longest serial chainFind the sequence of serialized jobs with the longest end-to-end runtime in the build. This requires –emake-annodetail=basic,waiting,history.
Serialization analysisFind the explicit and implicit dependencies that cause serialization of any two jobs in the build. This requires –emake-annodetail=basic,waiting,history.

When troubleshooting problems related to missing targets or input files, it is very helpful to use –emake-annodetail=basic,file,lookup.

When file/network corruption is suspected during a build, using –emake-annodetail=md5 will generate md5 checksums of files that are read/written during the build.

Available –emake-annodetail options

basicBasic annotation
envExtended environment tracking
fileFiles read or written
historySerialization details
lookupAll file names accessed
md5MD5 checksums for reads/writes
registryRegistry updates (Windows only)
waitingComplete dependency graph

Applies to

  • Product versions: ElectricInsight, ElectricAccelerator

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