Electric Cloud Community Site Changes

In conjunction with the recent move of the Electric Cloud Forums site onto the Electric Cloud Support system (https://electriccloud.zendesk.com/forums), this e-mail is to inform you of our intent to drop the use of the Electric Cloud Community Site by the end of September, 2010.  All content currently reached through that Site will be found inside the Support System, or on links provided under the "Electric Cloud Links" tab found in the Support System.


With the Community Site removal, we have also halted use of the remote server that had been hosting On-Line Help documentation.  Please recognize that this online documentation is comparable to the online help provided by your own Commander or Accelerator server, and is also available as a downloadable zip file for each historical product version from our Documentation list, located here:





Instructions on using these Zip files are as follows:


•             Download the zip file.

•             Extract the zip file to a location where you want the online help to reside.

•             Navigate to the WebHelp directory.

•             Open CommanderHelp.htm or Accelerator.htm in a browser.




Neil Lillemark | Technical Support Manager | Electric Cloud

(408) 419-4364 | nlillemark@electric-cloud.com

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