An update on Electric Cloud Support - January 2012

Electric Cloud Support has been using Zendesk for a few years now.  As a SaaS solution, Zendesk features can change dynamically, so here are a couple of recent changes that you might be interested in knowing about:

1)      Forums now open for public viewing!

  • To broaden the awareness on the benefits that Electric Cloud products can offer, forums are being opened to public viewing, just like our KB articles.  Adding a comment to forums still requires a Support account in order for the user to login.  We encourage you to use the forum to help build up the community of information and scenarios that people can leverage when encountering issues or questions.  (Read #2)
  • To stay in the loop on forum discussions, there is a SUBSCRIBE option available on each forum – just login and click Subscribe, and you’ll start to see mail when topics get opened up.  If you’d rather do that for a specific thread, that’s an option too.
  • NOTE: Forums are separate from submitted Tickets - ticket information will always be kept private to each organization's users

2)      Get suggestions before you submit!

  • The next time you submit a support ticket, try to submit the ticket using the Support GUI and your subject entry will now be used to provide you with suggested forum/KB articles to reference that may be related to your issue.  Although a perfect match may not always be found, these suggestions can sometimes lead you to an immediate resolution to your issue.
  • A similar list of suggestions can be found on the right-side of the GUI when viewing an existing ticket.

3)      Just Google it!

  • With Forums, KBs and Docs now all open for public viewing, your favorite search engine can help you find answers for issues concerning Electric Cloud products without having to login.

4)      Who is that person?

  • Whenever customers ask, we add new users into our Support system.  That’s easy.  But what’s not always so easy is telling us that someone is no longer responsible for using Electric Cloud products in your organization, or is simply not employed with your organization.  For most , you can see the names of who have logins by simply clicking on your Corporation Tab and the user list will show up on the right-side of the page under the “Requests by User” heading.  If anyone in that list no longer belongs, please let us know, and we can make adjustments.

5)      Who’s turn is it?

  • For those tickets where an extended conversation can take place between yourself and the agent, if you are still relying on e-mail you can sometimes lose track whether the agent may be waiting on you to respond.  By simply logging in to review your cases, you can see by the state (PENDING) whether the ticket is waiting on you to respond back to Support with information.  To learn more about the ticket Status, or other aspects of the Support system, please review the following article:

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