KBEA-00160 Parsing an Electric Accelerator Install Log


How to make sense of the very verbose Accelerator install log.


Install the attached tcl script.
run the following command to parse EA_Install.log:

tclsh parseEAInstallLog.tcl EA_Install.log > parsed_EA_Install.log

The tcl script will filter out unnecessary information, making it much easier to analyze the output


tclsh parseEAInstallLog.tcl EA_Install.log > parsed_EA_Install.log

----------+ 1 jbowen Domain Users 571910 Apr 16 09:55 EA_Install.log
-rw-r--r--+ 1 jbowen Domain Users 6584 Sep 21 16:57 parsed_EA_Install.log

$ wc EA_Install.log
5984 49311 571910 EA_Install.log

$ wc parsed_EA_Install.log
84 749 6584 parsed_EA_Install.log

For this particular log file, it reduced the content from 5984 lines to 84.

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