What's new at Electric Cloud? (Fall 2012)

Just a short note to draw your attention to a few new features when working with Electric Cloud:



This year’s survey results reported the desire to see more examples on how to implement solutions or overcome blockers using ElectricAccelerator or ElectricCommander.  Towards that goal, we’ve been populating a new technical Q&A site to hold such information.  There are a variety of questions and answers already present, and we encourage you to register on that site to start sharing your suggestions and questions.  Check it out at:  http://ask.electric-cloud.com/



Historically, Product Management has shipped release announcements via emails to select individuals.  Going forward, we will be leveraging our Support system to automate this.  Towards that goal, we've been asjusting people’s accounts inside Zendesk to subscribe to the announcements forum.  If you prefer not to be receiving such announcements via e-mail, simply login to your account in the support system, go to the Announcements Forums page, and click unsubscribe.  If you know someone else who would like to be receiving these announcements, please ask them to let us know by having them send an e-mail to support@electric-cloud.com.



When submitting tickets or ticket-comments from inside the Support system, you can find a new link available: “Record Screencast”. With your browser properly configured, this link can allow you to record a video around a self-defined portion of your screen.  Using this you can conveniently pass forward whatever you are seeing on your screen to help make it clear what problem you are experiencing.  So we encourage you to consider this option the next time you are working on a complex case.


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