What is the process for submitting a support ticket?

You can submit a ticket to the Flow or Accelerator Support teams directly by:

  1. Logging into your CloudBees Support portal
  2. Selecting "My Activities"
  3. Selecting "NEW"


  1. Submitting by email using flow-support@cloudbees.com  or accel-support@cloudbees.com  depending on the product involved.

You may also choose to raise awareness to a case by phoning the support line (Default: 1-408-419-4300 Option #2).  This number should be reserved for use with URGENT or HIGH cases.  Although you may be asked to leave a voicemail, a member of the support team will typically respond to that in short order.


Once the ticket is in the system, it will transition through the following states, or status values:

  1. New - newly raised, not yet opened by anyone in the Support group at Electric Cloud
  2. Open - Opened by an agent in the Support group, and being explored
  3. Open + CloseRestrictions field has a value = "On-hold"
    • If CloseRestrictions = engineering : issue has been scheduled to be reviewed by the  Development team
    • If CloseRestrictions = waitrelease : issue has been resolved and will be delivered in a coming release
    • If CloseRestrictions = future : issue has been reviewed, but is not yet been scheduled to be addressed
  4. Pending - Issue is Opened, and awaiting comments back from the Customer
  5. Solved - Issue has been deemed "solved" and may be re-opened by the customer for another 10 days by adding a new comment
  6. Closed - Issue has been deemed "closed"
    • The issue may NOT be re-opened again.
    • If the issue re-surfaces from the customer, a new issue will be created.

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