• What is happening?
    • In conjunction with ElectricFlow 6.0 release, ElectricCommander has been renamed to ElectricFlow.
    • You will see the name change reflected immediately on old ElectricCommander screens, on our website, and in documentation.
    • In some cases, the name change may take longer to complete (eg, knowledgebase, log files, etc)


  • Why is this happening?
    • We are expanding the capabilities of our ElectricCommander platform to support additional DevOps use cases, including deployment automation, application release automation and Continuous Delivery orchestration.
    • As part of that effort we are streamlining the UI and overall UX to make that end-to-end process a more holistic experience.
    • As part of that, we are streamlining the name of our solution to bring a singular focus on the ElectricFlow brand.


  • What happens to my current version of ElectricCommander?
    • Nothing, until you upgrade to ElectricFlow 6.0 (or beyond).
    • ElectricCommander functionality will not disappear - it will be the same, but will henceforth be referred to as ElectricFlow.


  • What happens to my current licenses and contracts?
    • Once you upgrade, the product name in your license will automatically be updated to “ElectricFlow (formerly known as ElectricCommander)”
    • There is no other change or user action required due to this name change.


  • What happens to my ElectricCommander support?
    • ElectricCommander customers will continue to receive support per our "supported versions" policy for ElectricCommander and ElectricFlow.


  • What happens to my existing ectool scripts, shortcuts and URLs that go directly into ElectricCommander?
    • All changes (involving the new name) are being introduced in a way that ensures backward compatibility. The scripts you¹ve written and URL/shortcuts you currently have should work without any changes required.


  • What if I have additional questions?

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