KBEC-00419 - Accessing EC-Admin ACL properties


This article describes how to fix an issue with the ACL of the EC-Admin property when running EC-Admin plugin procedures.


When running EC-Admin procedures you may get the following error:

Job error [AccessDenied]: none of the principals in this authentication context ('project: EC-Admin-', 'project: EC-Admin-') have all the required privileges (read privilege on property 'EC-Admin', modify privilege on property 'EC-Admin') to perform the operation


EC-Admin property is a server level property so there is no direct way to access ACL definitions of it.

To modify it you have to complete the following steps:

  1. Login with admin permissions to ectool - ectool login <user> <passwd>

  2. Run the following command - ectool getProperty /server/propertySheet/“EC-Admin”

and you will get a similar output:

  1. Identify the UUID of the property which is inside <propertyId> tag - <propertyId>de16fb33-4716-11e7-be59-2e9a20524153</propertyId>

  2. Insert the UUID for the propertySheet and your commanderServerName in the following URL:


After you will be able to get to Access Control page for this property

You should add the EC-Admin project to this ACL:

After completing all descibed steps you should not run into “AccessDenied” error for accessing EC-Admin property.

Please contact support@cloudbees.com if you have questions.

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