Electric Cloud Maintenance End-of-Life Schedules

Please refer to the appropriate article linked below for the target EOL dates for Electric Cloud products:


ElectricCommander or ElectricFlow EOL

These articles will remain available under the "Support Related Topics" section of our Zendesk HelpCenter, and will be regularly updated to include new versions shortly after they are released to General Availability (GA).  If you would like to receive alerts whenever these EOL articles are updated, please go to the appropriate article and then click on the FOLLOW link on the top right side of the page (The FOLLOW button is available, provided you are logged into the support system when viewing the article).

While EOL does mean that no further maintenance releases will be provided for any uncovered defects, the Electric Cloud Support team will still try to assist with questions from recently expired versions.

Note - EOL dates are only provided for Long Term Supported (LTS) versions.  Feature Releases (FR) go EOL after the date of the subsequent FR or LTS version as no maintenance releases are intended to be provided against an FR version. Please refer to the following article from last year for more details on the distinction between LTS and FR versions:

Feature Release Strategy update


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