How many Client Masters can be connected to an Operations Center


  • How many client masters can simultaneously connect to a CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center (CJOC)?
  • How many client masters does CJOC able to accommodate?
  • Is there any limitation on the number of client masters connected to a single CJOC?



There is no technical limit on the number of Client Masters that the CJOC can accommodate. It is rare for customers to have more than 100 masters connected, and this still does not present any issues. If you are planning to have a larger number connected, we would want to work with you to make sure your CJOC was configured correctly and has enough system resources available. Depending on the terms of your license, you may be limited in the number of masters you can attach. If you aren’t sure of the limits of your license, you would need to clarify that with your CloudBees Customer Success Manager.

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