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KBEC-00030 - Resetting the admin user's password - even if the current password is not known


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  • Shaohua Wen

    After deleted user and then re-connect the Flow instance, the flow server may stuck due to the id of the user has changed. For example, if in a Release pipeline, there are a approval gate, and in the gate, "admin" has been assigned, then when we try to open the Release pipeline after re-created the user, web UI will stuck. and you will see a lot of Db WARN messages in commander.log like:

    2020-12-16T04:12:39.191 | WARN | pool-001-001 | 9729 | | getReleases tx.cleanupAfterThrowing | LoadContexts | HHH000100: Fail-safe cleanup (collections) : org.hibernate.engine.loading.internal.CollectionLoadContext@241fea3<rs=HikariProxyResultSet@301144572 wrapping com.mysql.jdbc.JDBC42ResultSet@47abbd54>
    2020-12-16T04:12:39.191 | WARN | pool-001-001 | 9729 | | getReleases tx.cleanupAfterThrowing | CollectionLoadContext | HHH000160: On CollectionLoadContext#cleanup, localLoadingCollectionKeys contained [1] entries
    2020-12-16T04:12:39.192 | DEBUG | pool-001-001 | 9729 | | getReleases | TransactionRetryAspectImpl | Retryable ObjectNotFoundException: 'No row with the given identifier exists: [com.electriccloud.domain.UserEntityImpl#56a5a95c-6406-11ea-8608-0242c2f38ffa]'

    The solution is

    first, we should get the id of the original admin user using below sql (mysql):

    select LOWER(CONCAT_WS('-', SUBSTR(HEX(id), 1, 8), SUBSTR(HEX(id), 9, 4), SUBSTR(HEX(id), 13, 4), SUBSTR(HEX(id), 17, 4), SUBSTR(HEX(id), 21))) as user_id,name from ec_user where name='admin'

    and record the id, example: 56a5a95c-6406-11ea-8608-0242c2f38ffa, and convert it to hex string: 0x56a5a95c640611ea86080242c2f38ffa

    then :

    delete from ec_user where name = 'admin';

    and then re-connect flow to this DB instance, after the admin user has been re-created, run:

    update ec_user set id=0x56a5a95c640611ea86080242c2f38ffa where name='admin'


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