KBEC-00085 - Configuring Flow to run Accelerator emake jobs


This articles discusses whether or not the following are possible:

  • Setting up a machine as both an ElectricAccelerator agent and an ElectricFlow agent
  • Configuring a machine as an ElectricFlowserver and an Electric Make (eMake) machine


To configure the following workflow, begin with a Flow agent that also has eMake installed on it:


Accelerator consists of three elements:

  1. A Cluster Manager, which runs a web server
  2. Accelerator host machines where agents run compiles using EFS
  3. A build machine where eMake runs, which initiates jobs through the Cluster Manager

In this architecture, the Flow agent must be added to the third element, the build machine running eMake. Then, when a Flow step starts an Accelerator build, eMake is started by the Flow agent. eMake then contacts the Cluster Manager to distribute jobs to Accelerator agents. Your Accelerator job is now being built on those agents, even though Flow has no knowledge or control over the Accelerator agents.

Additional Information

  1. Flow Server and Accelerator Cluster Manager coexisting on the same machine is not supported or tested by Electric Cloud. The tool chains for each product experience installation conflicts and the product upgrades will not work.
  2. A Flow agent and an Accelerator agent are not normally on the same machine. If the machine is being used for both Flow and Accelerator work, each will have a negative effect on performance of the other.

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