KBEC-00162 - Creating one view for all users


This article discusses how to create one view for all users.


On a dedicated system, use the property “defaultView” to capture all users in a single view.

  1. In the ec_ui property sheet “availableViews”, create a property describing the view for your users.
  2. Create a property in ec_ui called “defaultView”.
  3. Create a group containing the users that you want to give a restricted view.
  4. Use ACLs so only the group can see the property “defaultView”.


Creating a restricted view
  1. Create a property called “restrictedView”. Go to: Administration -> Server -> Custom Server Properties -> ec_ui -> availableViews
  2. Add the following property value:
Establishing everyone’s default view to be the restrictedView
  1. Create a property called “defaultView” with value “restrictedView”. Go to: Administration -> Server -> ec_ui -> Create Property.
Restricting the AD/LDAP user view
  1. Create a User called “Guest”. Go to: Administration -> Users -> Create local User.
  2. Create a Group called “RestrictedUsers”. Go to: Administration -> Groups -> Create local Group.
    1. Add user “Guest” to try things locally.
    2. Add “ECloud LDAP”, the local Electric Cloud LDAP users group
  3. Set the default view for “Guest”. Use: ectool setProperty /groups/licenses/ec_ui/defaultView restrictedView or set the property equivalent through the GUI.
  4. Follow the procedures in the following documents to set up the remaining ACLs:
    1. CD Documentation - Configuring Access Control
    2. KBEC-00022 - Restricting logins or access to projects
  5. As the ACL restrictions articles recommend, turn on your restrictions by removing the Server “access control” Everyone permissions.

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