KBEA-Error Code EC1174


The user has invoked emake with an invalid value for the --emake-clearcase command-line option.


emake has built-in support for a variety of ClearCase features, which can be enabled on a feature-by-feature basis by specifying the
option when emake is invoked. The
option value is specified as a comma separated list of option values. The following values are supported:

Value Meaning
vobs  Enable per-VOB temporary directories to improve performance
rofs  Enable awareness of ClearCase read-only filesystems
symlink   Enable awareness of ClearCase symlinks (Windows only)
 *  Equivalent to vobs,rofs,symlink

emake will display error EC1174 if the user specifies an invalid option value for the --emake-clearcase command-line option.


The user has specified an invalid value for the
command-line option.


The invalid option value will be reported in the error message; remove that value from the
option to resolve this error.

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