KBEC-00236 - Preserving user settings and ACLs when Directory Provider's user name changes


Your company directory provider changes your name because of:

  1. Marriage
  2. Company naming convention changes, such as from first name first to last name first, or underscore to dot name notation.

The Problem

After the name change, when you log into CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow), you have lost all user settings because CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) thinks you are a new user.

In addition, the previous Access Control Lists (ACLs) are no longer recognized.

Full Solution

  1. Perform a full CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) Export.
  2. Use the editor of your choice to change all occurrences of the old name to the new name.
  3. Reimport the modified Export.

This is the only way to preserve all of the Access Control Lists (ACL)

Partial Solution

Change the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) database directly using the following steps

  1. As a CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) admin, use ectool to delete the newly created user name. This name was created from the latest, new, login.
  2. It is safest to shut down CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) but this can work when CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) is running.
  3. Find the previous user name in the following CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) table fields and use a SQL tool to change the name to the new name
    1. in cc_user, the name, owner and last_modified_by
    2. in ec_acl_entry, the principal_name only when the principal_type is “user”
    3. in ec_credential, the user
  4. Restart CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) if you had previously shut it down.
  5. Log in as the user and ensure the user setting were preserved.

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