KBEC-00237 - How to completely disable the agent on the ElectricFlow Server


Your ElectricFlow server only has ElectricFlow server running on it and no one should be able to run any steps on the ElectricFlow Server. No user or admin should be able to on purpose or accidentally consume ElectricFlow Server resources in an enterprise environment.

The Problem

As distributed, the local agent runs steps on the ElectricFlow Server, which may effect its performance and memory usage.

Full Solution to move and disable the local agent

  1. In the ElectricFlow GUI, go to Cloud > Resource.
  2. Find the resource called “local”.
  3. Change resource’s “Agent Host Name” to some other resource in your network.
  4. Stop the ElectricFlow Server resource.
    1. on Linux, from the command-line

      /etc/init.d/commanderAgent Stop
    2. on Windows, use the services panel
  5. Disable the service start on system restart.
    1. on Linux, use chkconfig to disable ElectricFlow Agent
    2. on Windows, disable the service on restart

Side effects to be aware of

  1. On host enable licenses, the ElectricFlow Server agent did not count in your host license so disabling this agent has no effect on your agent count.
  2. These changes will not survive an upgrade.
  3. Most ElectricFlow Servers have a ElectricFlow Web Server on the same host. Starting with ElectricFlow 4.2, the agent, local to the Web Server is used to display the log files. If you disable the local agent you must move the Web Server by installing a ElectricFlow Web Server with ElectricFlow Agent on another host.

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