KBEA-00013 - Xbox 360 Development Kit Versions


This article details the versions of the Xbox Development Kit (XDK) that are compatible with the Visual Studio plug-in.

VersionRelease DateFile
2.0.6274.0July 2007XDKSetupXenon6274.exe
2.0.7645.1November 2008XDKSetupXenon7645.1.exe
2.0.8276.0March 2009XDKSetupXenon8276.exe

Only the Visual Studio plug-ins for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 work with Xbox projects.


To use Xbox projects with Electric Make (eMake), install the XDK on all agents and set ECADDIN_ENABLE_XBOX=true in the environment.
If multiple XDK versions are installed, specify the installation path and version using ECADDIN_XBOX_INSTALL_DIR and ECADDIN_XBOX_VERSION respectively. For the version, use commas as separators, for example: 2,0,8276,0

Applies to

  • OS versions: Windows

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