KBEC-00318 - SCM Types When Creating New Source Control Configuration


You cannot find the option (for example, Perforce) when creating new source control configuration.


Possible causes of the issue are:

  1. The corresponding plugin (for example, ECSCM-Perforce) is not installed
  2. The corresponding plugin is installed, but it’s not promoted
  3. The corresponding plugin is installed and promoted, but there’s something wrong

Go to the plugins page (“Administration”->“plugins”) and check the status of the corresponding plugin.

  1. install the corresponding plugin if it’s cause 1
  2. promote the corresponding plugin if it’s cause 2
  3. demote the corresponding plugin and promote it again if it’s cause 3.

If the option is still not available after the above actions, please check if the corresponding property (for example, property “ECSCM-Perforce” with value “Perforce”) exists in the property “/plugins/ECSCM/project/scm_types”. If it does not exist, add the property manually and try to create new source control configuration again.

If there’s still issue, please contact Electric Cloud support.

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