KBEC-00334 - How to rerun the default plugins installation script


Something is wrong with my default plugins. How do I get the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) server to do a fresh installation of packaged plugins?


The CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) server runs the following perl script to install default plugins:


You can force the system to rerun this script to redo the plugin installation process.

Method 1: Manually re-run script

  1. On your CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) server machine, go to directory

  2. Use ectool to log in to the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) server as admin

  3. Set the environment variable COMMANDER_INSTALL_BIN to /bin.
    For example, on Linux:

    export COMMANDER_INSTALL_BIN=/opt/electriccloud/electriccommander/bin

    On Windows:

    set COMMANDER_INSTALL_BIN=C:\Program Files\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander\bin
  4. Run the script inside the /server/setup directory using ec-perl:

    ec-perl 60_installBundledPlugins.pl

Method 2: Force server to re-run script

  1. Make some small change to 60_installBundledPlugins.pl, for example adding an extra comment line to the file.
  2. Restart the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) server.

On restart, the server will compare the checksum of this script against the previous one stored in the database. It will flag the installation script as having being updated, and re-run it during startup. You should see “Installing plugin” messages as the server is starting.

Applies to

  • Product versions: all
  • OS versions: all

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