KBEA-00088 - Builds are suddenly slower than expected


Build performance has suddenly and unexpectedly degraded.


Sudden changes in build performance can be caused by a variety of factors. Here are some things to check:

  • Is your build using a good history file?
  • Are you running with the same number of agents in the “fast” and “slow” cases?
  • Are the agents used in the “fast” and “slow” builds comparable in terms of hardware configuration?
  • Are the eMake hosts used in the “fast” and “slow” builds comparable in terms of hardware configuration?
    • Is the license manager accessible from the agents?
    • Is the license manager configuration on the agents correct? For example, on Windows the vxWorks compilers may store configuration information in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FLEXlm License Manager\WRSD_LICENSE_FILE. If this value exists on your agent hosts, verify that it has the correct value for your site.
    • Is the license manager configuration in your environment correct? For example, the vxWorks compilers may use the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to determine how to contact the license manager.
  • Are the “fast” and “slow” builds actually comparable builds? Are they building the same sources? Do they run the same number of jobs?
  • Are you using third-party tools that are explicitly licensed, such as vxWorks compilers?
  • Is disk performance slow on the eMake machine?
    • Use ecdiskperf to determine the speed of the disk subsystem. You should aim for speeds around 100 MB/s for reads and 80 MB/s for writes.
  • Is network performance slow?
    • Are the agents on the same switch?
    • It should be at least a 100 Mbit network (1 Gbit is recommended)
  • Is the NFS/Samba server slow?
    • Try running from a local disk.
  • High levels of logging can affect performance. Try running eMake without high levels of debugging and annotation output.
  • Does the annotation show large times of serial work (use ElectricInsight for this analysis).
  • Is the effective agent allocation 100? 100 means eMake always got all the agents it wanted. If not, was the percentage different when builds were faster?

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