KBEC-00384 - Changing the OUTBOUND_CONNECT_TIMEOUT Agent Property


This article will describe how to change the OUTBOUND_CONNECT_TIMEOUT value in the agent.properties file.

This agent-specific property may need to be adjusted if your CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) agents encounter job timeouts.


  1. The agent.properties file can be located in
    • Windows: \conf\agent\agent.properties
    • Linux: /conf/agent/agent.properties
  1. Open the agent.properties file in a text editor

  2. Locate the OUTBOUND_CONNECT_TIMEOUT property. Default value:

    # Timeout for establishing outbound connections, in milliseconds
  1. Increase the value of OUTBOUND_CONNECT_TIMEOUT

    # Timeout for establishing outbound connections, in milliseconds
  1. Save the agent.properties file.
  2. Restart the agent service to apply changes.
  3. You can continue to modify this value to find the optimal value for your agents’ operations.

Note: If you set this value to 0, the agent will not timeout.

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