I just submitted my first ticket through email - why didn't I see anything in return?

  1. Issue submission requires a user to be registered in our Zendesk system to be accepted.
  2. Your issue is automatically moved to a "Suspended Ticket" holding place. From here one of the Support staff at Electric Cloud should move this issue forward and submit a request for your account automatically.
    • This will only be done if non-generic e-mails are used, submission of issues with gmail, Yahoo or other such generic accounts will not be granted an account.
    • Such emails may be associated with corporate email addresses upon request. This would allow you to submit an issue as USER@gmail.com, for example, but then the resulting email thread will continue through the user's corporate account of USER@mycorp.com .
    • For some customers, where their organization has different divisions who also have accounts with Electric Cloud, we may need to request clarification from you on which group your account should be associated.

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