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State of Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC) support in CloudBees products



  • Jesse Fair

    The opensource Jenkins helm chart enables JCasC auto reloading via a sidecar that listens to ConfigMap changes and reloads the corresponding JCasC yaml files that the Jenkins pod has mounted. It also triggers a webhook to tell Jenkins to reload the JCasC configuration. Is there plans to provide this same capability with Cloudbees-Core? If you guys are working on supporting this is there by chance anything to share yet?

  • Karen Taggart

    Jesse - Apologies for delay in responding to your comment here. It's a great use case you raise. I am going to go ahead and add it as an RFE to our Feedback system so that we have it in our backlog as we plan the next iterations. I will likely be in touch directly to get additional feedback from you. Thanks again! Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you want to discuss further - ktaggart@cloudbees, Product Owner, CBCI


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