CloudBees ServiceNow Jenkins plugin: Connection refused


  • CloudBees ServiceNow Jenkins Plugin does not support proxy configuration
  • ServiceNow validate fails with the following error
Connection failed using as devuser. Error Connect to [] failed: Connection refused
(Connection refused).



The CloudBees ServiceNow Jenkins Plugin is a pipeline plugin that provides objects and functions for creating and update change requests and incident tickets in your ServiceNow instance.

The plugin package can be acquired through your customer success manager.

CloudBees ServiceNow Jenkins plugin version 1.0-SNAPSHOT (private-d0604160-jefferyfry) does not support proxy configuration.


We are currently working to resolve the reported defect. The release candidate version is ready and can be requested.
Contact CloudBees representative or open a support request. Ask for the release candidate plugin binary, i.e. CloudBees ServiceNow Jenkins Plugin 1.1-DEBUG.

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