Set up DNS after installation


You would like to modify the DNS settings of your cluster once the installation is done



In order to modify the DNS settings of your cluster you will need to follow the action items below:

  1. Make whatever change is necessary so that you have a DNS record that points to the Load Balancer of the Ingress Controller
  2. Stop Masters from CJOC’s UI
  3. Reconfigure CJOC URL in cloudbees-core.yaml (replace your old URL by the new one - there should be two lines to change: the cjoc ingress host and the cjoc-configure-jenkins-groovy configmap.
  4. Stop CJOC deployment with kubectl scale statefulsets/cjoc --replicas=0 -n <cbcore-namespace>
  5. Apply the new config with kubectl apply -f cloudbees-core.yml -n <cbcore-namespace>
  6. Once CJOC has started, restart the masters from the UI

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