Unknown users, how to delete them and who they are


  • We have seen users that we didn’t created or are not on the AD or LDAP. Where they can from? Is safe to delete them?



The first step is to check what are these users. So please execute this script on “Manage Jenkins” -> “Script console”.

This script will write a CSV file with the permission, type of users and how they have created.

If you are using an SCM integration is normal behavior that some users were automatically created from Jenkins tracking source code manager (SCM) authors. This is normal Jenkins behavior and can be ignored.

These users can be deleted in a safe way, but they will be recreated when the user shows up as an SCM author again.

Theses users are not on the secure realm so they are not going to be able to log in and have no permission on the Jenkins side.

The script will detail what users have been created from the SCM on the description field.

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