Create backups of masters without executors on masters


Best practice is to set client masters and managed masters with zero executors. However, performing backup (using the CloudBees Backup Plugin) requires an executor to run on the master (backups of JENKINS_HOME).



Instead of creating the Backup job on each individual master, use an Operations Center Cluster Operation to perform backups of all masters, this does not require executors on those masters.

  1. Verify Operations Center Server Cluster Operations Plugin is installed on your CJOC

  2. When on the CJOC, choose New Item and choose a name, and select Cluster Operations as the job type

  3. Select Add Operation, then Masters

  4. Select From Operations Center Root under Target Masters and Source headings

  5. Add Filter and select Client Master / Managed Master is Online

  6. Add Step and select Backup Master

  7. Decide What to backup, Where to backup and Backup retention

  8. Click the Advanced button and select a compression scheme (tar.gz or zip)

  9. Save

  10. Finally, from the sidebar, Select Run to run the new operation

  11. At successful completion, validate the backups on the master’s [or masters’] local directory or S3/FTP/etc. destination as specified

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    Iaroslav Nakonechnikov

    is there a way to make it without UI? 

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    Iaroslav Nakonechnikov

    ok, with jenkins-cli.jar get-job and create-job - it is possible. 
    but, where information about how to restore specific master? or all of them?

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