How to register and prepare for Jenkins Certification exams


  • I am planning to take the CloudBees Jenkins Certification (Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer) exam and I want to know how to register and prepare
  • I am planning to take the Jenkins Certification (Certified Jenkins Engineer) exam and I want to know how to register and prepare
  • I want to know courses and study materials to prepare for the Jenkins Certification exams



You should take a look at our Certification Guide. This practical course walks you through the key need-to-know about Jenkins Certifications:

  • Jenkins Certification Prerequisites
  • What exam do you plan to take?
  • How to schedule and register for the test?
  • Structure of the exams
  • Plugins
  • Organization of the Study Guides
  • Sections and topics of the exams
  • Types of questions
  • Additional tips and recommendations

The first courses we recommend to take are our free self-paced Fundamentals courses:

After these 3 courses are completed, a good paid course is: Jenkins Certification by CloudBees

IMPORTANT: Practical experience is recommended before taking any of the exams.

The mentioned courses are also available as instructor-led courses. If you have any additional questions or further inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Training team at and we will be happy to assist.

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