Jenkins Appears to Have a Fast Memory Leak


  • Jenkins has a Fast Memory Leak (having to restart every week)
  • After updating to 2.73.x.x memory is constantly increasing, which causes a slow down in Jenkins. Only a restart fixes this slowness



When CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise was updated to version 2.73.x.x, the Jgroups version was updated which ended up causing this Jgroups issue. This leads towards a constant memory growth within Jenkins especially when HA is not active(there is not a standby master).


This issue has been resolved with a new transport method of TCP_NIO2.

Long-Term Solution (recommended): Upgrade CloudBees Jenkins Platform >=

Short-Term Solution Workarounds:

  1. Update the HA plugin to version 4.16 which uses a default jgroups.xml file that enables TCP_NIO2.
  2. Manually update the jgroups.xml by overwriting the default one with the one mentioned in the Configure HAProxy section of the Documentation
  3. Disable HA entirely by following the Disabling HA guide

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