How can I turn on HTML display of Jenkins job descriptions for a single master?


  • We would like to allow one of our masters to use a unique Markup Formatter such
    as HTML without allowing this across all of our masters.



Generally, allowing the Operations Center to manage all security settings across
every connected master is desired to reduce the administrative burden of managing
multiple masters or simply to ensure consistency across masters.

However, the CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center is flexible and can accommodate
different security needs between connected masters. An Operations Center administrator simply
needs to configure Global Security to allow individual masters the ability to ‘opt out’.
In so doing, the Markup Formatter can be set at the individual Master’s level.

The first two steps are done at the Operations Center.

  • Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security or http://$JOC_ADDRESS:$JOC_PORT>/configureSecurity/
    • Select the checkbox “Allow client masters to opt-out” under Client master security

Allow client masters to opt-out

Then again from the Operations Center’s dashboard configure this master to “Opt-out”.

  • Configure the Master http://$JOC_ADDRESS:$JOC_PORT/job/$MASTER_NAME/configure
    • Select the checkbox “Opt-out” under Security Setting Enforcement


Now security settings can be set individually for this master and we can specify
the formatter to use.

  • On the Master, go to Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security or http://$JE_ADDRESS:$JE_PORT/configureSecurity/
    • Under Markup Formatter select the markup formatter for this master to use.


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