Jenkins Jobs are not Starting


When clicking on build, it looks like nothing is happening: the build is not appearing in the Jenkins Queue.



This kind of symptoms mean that something is holding a lock on the Jenkins Queue.
For instance, the Docker Plugin prior to 1.0.0 can be affected by this kind of issue.
You can verify that you are experiencing a Deadlock by going into /threadDump.
You should see several threads mentioning hudson.model.Queue.withLock.

In case you encounter a case like that, it is best to open a case with CloudBees Support.

For such a case, CloudBees Support will need the data as indicated in this KB article (Linux)
or this one (Windows).


In case you would like to investigate the issue yourself, you should look into the thread dump for a stack having a lock on the Jenkins Queue and performing long operation.
For instance the following dump exhibits the issue:

at Method) <--- socket operation
// suppressed for clarity
at com.nirima.jenkins.plugins.docker.strategy.DockerOnceRetentionStrategy$1$
at hudson.model.Queue._withLock(
at hudson.model.Queue.withLock( <--- Lock on the Queue
at com.nirima.jenkins.plugins.docker.strategy.DockerOnceRetentionStrategy$ <--- docker plugin
// suppressed for clarity

NB: you should take several thread dumps to ensure there is a lock, one single thread dump showing the previous stack is perfectly normal.



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