How to use Folder Vars with Active Choices Groovy script


How can I access Folder variables from an Active Choices Groovy script?



Folder variables are not directly supported by the plugin, i.e. they can not be used directly in a Groovy script to provide different dynamic choices.

Nevertheless, it is possible to access these Folder variables following the steps shown below.

  • Given a folder named Folder-A, let’s create a variable ENVVAR_001 as shown in the image below.
    Creating the var in the Folder
  • Create a job inside that folder (Job-B).
  • Once created, we can create an Active Choice Parameter:
    Parameter Definition
  • And provide a Groovy script to dynamically generate that parameter. For that, we can use a code snippet like the one shown below:
import hudson.model.*
import jenkins.model.*
import hudson.Util

def p = Jenkins.instance.getItemByFullName("FOLDER-A/job-B").getParent().getProperties().getAll(

def myvar= p.getClass().getDeclaredField("properties").get(p)
Map myProperties= (Map) Util.loadProperties(myvar)

// We got just first value in the properties as that is the value that we want to use.
return ['-select-', myProperties.values()[0]]

This will render the results shown below:

This is a very basic example but can serve as a starting point for more complex scripts.

NOTE: This has been tested with CloudBees Core Traditional Platforms - Client Master and Active Choices Plugin 2.1

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