DEV@cloud End of Life

If you’ve been around the CloudBees family for a while, you may know of our DEV@cloud service, which has been deprecated for a while but continues to serve a strong mix of customers.

Today (16th September 2018), we’d like to let everybody know that DEV@cloud will be shutting down on December 15th, 2018.

We’re ready to make this move because the CloudBees family is bigger and better than ever, and we believe that between CodeShip and CloudBees Core we can better serve all of our members on newer, better platforms.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to talk more about about migrating to one of our newer solutions.??

In order to backup to configurations, please refer to How to backup my DEV@cloud instance to prepare for the service end-of-life.


On Saturday, 12am December 15th 2018 (UTC), all services will be terminated and resources released back to our hosting provider.

We will not be able to recover these resources (or impacted data) once the termination process has begun.

Services Impacted

  • Hosted Jenkins
    • CloudBees hosted Jenkins master (e.g.
    • CloudBees hosted Linux executors (aka “slaves”)
    • All credentials (stored within Jenkins or on the Jenkins home)
    • All build data
    • All job configuration
    • etc.
  • Forge
    • Git Repositories
    • Subversion Repositories
    • Maven Repositories (release / snapshot repositories
    • Private storage (the /private mount in Jenkins)
  • Tool installers - “cbruby” based installer for Python / Node etc.
  • CloudFoundry deployment engine
  • Any usage of Jenkins Enterprise plugins on your hosted Jenkins
  • VPN services (between your Jenkins and on-premise executors)
  • Public Git repositories on Github that support DEV@cloud

Your login account for CloudBees will remain active - so you will be able to access our other services such as CodeShip or DevOptics more easily.

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