withDockerRegistry step fails with Amazon ECR


  • We are trying to push a Docker image to a Amazon ECR repository in a Pipeline, and we see following messages in the console output.

[docker_container] Running shell script
+ docker tag –force=true my-image:38 my-image:38
unknown flag: –force
See ‘docker tag –help’.
+ docker tag my-image:38 my-image:38

The push refers to repository [docker.io/library/my-image]
c31d9a5958c9: Preparing
1e9451bf9430: Preparing
36698d5e0963: Preparing
f9e79a7653f9: Preparing
efa0b7a2d37b: Preparing
fe548f92b224: Preparing
a7d53ea16e81: Preparing
e53f74215d12: Preparing
fe548f92b224: Waiting
a7d53ea16e81: Waiting
e53f74215d12: Waiting
denied: requested access to the resource is denied



The tag step fails because the docker version do not know the deprecated parameter --force=true, for more details take a look at JENKINS-42152

There is the bug related to withDockerRegistry step JENKINS-38018, it will not work, so try to use this example that uses docker.withRegistry() instead withDockerRegistry() in it works if the repository “my-image” exists in Amaron ECR repository.

node {
        //cleanup current user docker credentials
        sh 'rm  ~/.dockercfg || true'
        sh 'rm ~/.docker/config.json || true'
        //configure registry
        docker.withRegistry('https://ID.ecr.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com', 'ecr:eu-west-1:86c8f5ec-1ce1-4e94-80c2-18e23bbd724a') {
            //build image
            def customImage = docker.build("my-image:${env.BUILD_ID}")
            //push image
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