how to change the palace schedule algorithm


  • One worker instance is heavily overloaded while others have little or no load, How can we balance the load between workers?
  • There are workers not used, how we make palace to use all?
  • How we change the palace schedule algorithm?



There is a not permanent way to change the scheduled algorithm from the Marathon UI, by default the algorithm selected is BinPack (1) you could try with LeastLoaded (8)

  • In the cli to determine the URL for Marathon UI - cje run display-outputs
  • In the cli to get the Marathon username - cje run echo-secrets marathon_username
  • In the cli to get its password - cje run echo-secrets marathon_password
  • Open the Marathon UI and log in using the above account info
  • From the Marathon dashboard, select the jce application group
  • Select the palace application
  • Switch to the Configuration tab below the Scale Application button.
  • On the right side of the screen, press the Edit button
  • Select the ???Environment Variables??? section
  • Press one of the + buttons on the right edge and add an entry:
  • Press the Change and Deploy Configuration button.

these are all the valid codes
* BinPack: 1
* LeastLoaded: 8

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