Support Policy for CloudBees DevOptics

CloudBees DevOptics is composed of several Jenkins plugins and a SaaS application:

  • CloudBees DevOptics SaaS 
  • CloudBees DevOptics Plugins (installed locally)

Support for CloudBees DevOptics encompasses the following

  • Bug and security fixes are subject to a risk assessment by the CloudBees engineering team and/or community contributors when the bug is found in an open source component.
  • Features and suggestions
    • Suggestions on new features are subject to an evaluation against the product roadmap by CloudBees product managers and a risk assessment by CloudBees engineers.
    • New features in SaaS service will be available automatically.
    • New features may require updated DevOptics plugins
  • Compatibility and upgrades
    • Customers on CloudBees Jenkins Team, CloudBees Jenkins Platform or Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise are expected to keep CloudBees DevOptics plugins up-to-date with the current versions defined in the CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP).
    • For CloudBees DevOptics customers running Jenkins (OSS) we endeavor to maintain compatibility with the most recent Jenkins LTS release.

Support for CloudBees DevOptics will not encompass the following

  • CloudBees does not provide patches on a release. Customers are expected to move to the latest release that contains the fix.
  • Jenkins support - Please refer to the specific support policy of your respective product (CloudBees Jenkins Team, CloudBees Jenkins Platform, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise) for details.
  • Plugin support - CloudBees DevOptics support is limited to the plugins required for CloudBees DevOptics. Support for all other plugins is provided via the CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP) included in your subscription.
  • Professional Services
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