How to setup HA in AWS?


  • A user wants to setup CloudBees Jenkins Platforms in High Availability in AWS


  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center Amazon Marketplace AMI(CJOC)
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Amazon Marketplace AMI(CM)
  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)
  • Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)


This follows the same approach as the main HA documentation. This article is meant to supplement that guide.

  • The two CJOC or two CM which make up the HA singleton need to be configured to point to the EFS
  • The ELB Load Balancer needs to be configured to load balance HTTP(S) traffic to the CloudBees Jenkins Instances which form the HA singleton.
  • The ELB Load Balancer needs to performance a health check on the Jenkins Instances on /ha/health-check

Setup Amazon EFS

Please follow the AWS EFS documentation and ensure that the server’s Performance Mode is set to “Max I/O Performance Mode”.

Deploy Amazon Marketplace AMIs and configure the CJOC

Please follow our documentation to deploy the AWS Marketplace AMI Images
Once both images have been deployed. Please follow the steps from the main HA documentation.You can follow the Amazon EFS documentation to mount the EFS storage.

Install CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center HA Monitor Tool

Follow the steps from the main HA documentation.

Configure Amazon ELB

Follow the steps from our How to setup Amazon ELB as the Load Balancer of CJOC

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