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Active Directory (AD) Plugin: secure AD integration


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  • Lokesh Kamalay

    Some improvements to consider here:
    1. Enabling Cache: This will help to store the user details for some time resulting in quick authentication and login.
    2. You may also change the "Group Membership Lookup Strategy" to Token-Groups user attribute (based on your strategy)
    3. Check-in "Use Jenkins Internal Database" and provide a user (Mostly admin). This user is able to access the Jenkins when Domain Controller is not responding.

    Migrating from Local to AD:
           If you want to use Existing "Role-based matrix authorization strategy" while switching from Local to AD, you must have the same user id otherwise Jenkins doesn't authorize you.

    To fix this, you may need to edit the nectar file by adding your ID that matches with your AD.
    nectar file location: $JENKINS-OC_HOME/nectar-rbac.xml (a restart is needed)


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