Pipeline: Best Practices


  • Any best practices are welcome for pipeline implementation




BEST PRACTICES is the entry point which contains a collection of tips, advice, gotchas and other best practices for using the Jenkins Pipeline plugin.

The following points aim to extend BEST PRACTICES with additional info related to CloudBees Features and Support experience.

A<JENKINS_URL>/pipeline-syntax contains the documentation that applies to your specific instance.
* Step Reference: <JENKINS_URL>/pipeline-syntax/html
* Global Variables Reference: <JENKINS_URL>/pipeline-syntax/globals

B Be sure to frequently check for Pipeline Plugin updates and keep current on updating your environment(s) with recent bug fixes and feature improvements.

C Place a Checkpoint before a high-risk operation (e.g: long running external process), before using a node step to obtain an executor for it. If the build fails, Checkpoint allows the build to be resumed from the checkpoint just before the failure.

Articles and Presentations

Find below list of references which contains a compilation of best practices. Some of them has already mentioned above.

Jenkins World presentations:


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