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  • Parag Doke


    1. How to identify version of the Jenkins instance I am running ? If it is a docker container invoked via docker run -d cloudbees/jenkins-enterprise, does it mean I am running "CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise - Managed Master" ? If I follow the instructions to configure a yum repo and install Jenkins Enterprise using yum, does it mean I am running "CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Client Master" ? And that is not Enterprise ? But neither OSS ? The nomenclature is very confusing :-(
    2. Does the version value (from "version=<VERSION>") need to have "-rolling" text too ?
    3. At the file system level, how does one check if the right json was picked up ? For example, on a docker container (instance of cloudbees/jenkins-enterprise image), under /var/jenkins_home/updates folder, there are 3 json files: cap-cje.json, cje-offline.json and jenkins-enterprise.json. Which file should one compare with what those URLs return ?

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