Your total DEV@Cloud disk usage is over your subscription's quota


  • Your DEV@cloud instance is blocked with a message like:
Your total DEV@Cloud disk usage is over your subscription's quota. Your subscription 'XXXXX' allows YY GB, but you are using ZZZZZ MB across all services (Forge and Jenkins). To fix this, you can either upgrade your subscription or delete some data in your Forge repositories, Jenkins workspaces or build artifacts.
  • I have received a notification about my JENKINS_HOME is almost full.



First, it is important to understand How Disk Usage works in DEV@cloud, it calculates the disk usage of each job and top directory of JENKINS_HOME.

However, your quota entitlement (i.e. 50GB) does not only takes into account JENKINS_HOME disk space but also data stored in your Forge repositories.

Following, we provide guidance on how to validate your quota disk space consumption and best practices for optimizing disk space per component . After all this, in the case you need to ask for increasing your disk quota, let us know it and we do it for you (according the disk fee at that moment).

Note: Certain changes need your instance to be reprovisioned in order to take place.


Check the status by going to https://<ACCOUNT> where you can find Disk Space consumptions listed by job or folders. The total amount is being displaying under JENKINS_HOME.

Disk Usage

Best Practices :


Check the status by going to<ACCOUNT>/repos/

Forge Repos

Best Practices :

Forge Repos

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