Required Data: Hang Issue On Linux


A specific job or your Jenkins environment hangs or responds slowly.


CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center

Operating System: Linux


Request the script via a Support Ticket.

The script will need to be made executable by running:
chomd +x .

Your environment should be configured as documented in Prepare Jenkins For Support.

If you are experiencing a hang or a poor performance issue please collect
the following data while the issue is occurring:

  1. Generate a new Support Bundle.

  2. Run the script as the same user that starts Jenkins
    by running:
    sudo -u jenkins sh PID (where PID is the PID of the CloudBees Jenkins process).

If CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise or CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center is running on Ubuntu
you will need to confirm the PID via the command line by running
ps -ef | grep jenkins.
This is required because the CloudBees Jenkins PID File contains the PID of the daemon process itself
not the CloudBees Jenkins PID.

The script will collect 1 full thread dump once very 30 seconds
via jstack (jstack is included in the Java JDK only, not the JRE) along with top, vmstat, netstat, and iostat data.
The necessary packages should be installed in your environment for generating top, top dash H, vmstat, netstat, and
iostat data.

The script will generate data in the current directory it is run from.

  1. Upload the Support Bundle, the jenkinshangWithJstack.$PID.output.tar.gz file that was generated by the script, and the verbose gc log file for review.

If the script does not run as expected please upload the output the script generates from the
terminal window for review.

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