How to create a new node?


  • I would like to add a new node to my Jenkins Master.
  • I would like to add an existing computer to my Jenkins master.


  • Jenkins
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise


If you would like to add an existing computer to your Jenkins master the first step is to go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Nodes:

Next click on the “New node” option which will allow us to create a new node:

The next step is to set the node name (can be any value):

After setting the value you should be taken to the nodes configuration page:

Please enter all the required values.
There are also multiple ways to launch a Jenkins slave machine.
Please select one of the methods for launching a new node.
We recommend Windows to use JNLP, and SSH for linux machines.

After clicking the save button it should try to launch the slave machine, or prompt you for next steps for creating the machine.

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    Jim Sander

    Where is the "New Node" Copy Existing Node documentation?

    Not sure how it clones ont he backend?


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    Allan Burdajewicz

    Hi Jim,

    "Copy Exiting Node" is a core feature and simply copy the configuration of the node. So it basically pre-fill the form based on the configuration of another node.

    Technically, it copies the XML configuration of the source node (stored under $JENKINS_HOME/nodes/$NAME_OF_SOURCE_NODE/config.xml). Them redirect to the node configuration page in case you want to change anything. Once you hit "Save", the node is launched.

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