RBAC: No Create Permissions after creating a New Item


After trying to create a New Item, I see a No Create Permissions! red message.


  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • RBAC plugin
  • Role strategy plugin 2.3.2


If you see that message probably you had configured the Role Strategy Plugin as Authorization Strategy in the Configuration Security and later on has been replaced by CloudBees RBAC plugin.

The red message is due to you have set in the global Jenkins configuration the Restrict project naming property to Role-Based Strategy.

If you change this property to other value the issue will be solved.

A more aggresive solution is uninstall the Role Strategy Plugin from your instance, so Jenkins will ignore that piece of configuration.

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    Chris Petrina

    This was excactly my issue and the selection of changing the project naming to default fixed it immediately

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