How to generate a CJE Support Bundle?


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CJE Support bundle is a feature introduced in version 1.1.1 of Private SaaS Edition.
It is a key element to help CloudBees engineers to get a diagnostic of customer issues when running a CJE environment.

A CJE Support Bundle includes:

  • Logs of all CJE service applications running in the cluster.
  • Access logs
  • Support bundle of the CJOC instance in the cluster (if it is available)

To generate a support bundle, you need to be in the CJE workspace used to generate the cluster.

If you have any operation ongoing, please complete it or cancel it before generating the CJE support bundle.
If you cannot cancel the operation for any reason, you can run cje run support-bundle, and a bundle will be generated directly (without impacting your staged operation) with the default options selected.

$ cje prepare pse-support
pse-support is staged - review pse-support.config and edit as needed - then run 'cje apply' to perform the operation.

You may review the content of pse-support.config. By default it includes everything it can.

$ cje apply

The support bundle will then be collected by connecting to all controllers and workers in your cluster,
as well as CJOC if it is running.

Once completed, you can retrieve the archive in the CJE workspace. It will be named cloudbees-pse-support-<timestamp>.tar.gz.

Then, attach the bundle to your CloudBees support ticket. If it is larger than 20Mb, you may follow this solution page How to send a file that is too large for zendesk

If possible to generate a CJE support bundle with only the information about the CJE cluster to do that you could use this configuration.


## Include the Support Core Plugin Bundle.
cjoc_support_bundle = no

## Include logs of the controllers and workers.
cluster_task_logs = no

## Include CJE Workspace Specific Files
pse_workspace = yes

## Include Elasticsearch diagnostics
elasticsearch = no

## Servers to include, by default all controllers and workers
# servers = controller-1,worker-1,worker-2

Also, it is possible to grab the information of only some workers/controllers if you use the servers = controller-2,worker-10,worker-20 setting.

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