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How to programmatically connect a Client controller to an Operation Center for CloudBees Core on Traditional Platform



  • Yeun nah Tan

    Is there a place that I can get the documentation of CJOC APIs?

  • Denys Digtiar

    Hi Yeun,

    Correct me if I am wrong but based on the context it looks like you are looking for Java API documentation. I am afraid we do not publish it at the moment. 

    You can find REST APIs documented here in Knowledgebase and in the Documentation.

  • Neil Houston

    Hi Denys,

    I cannot find the rest api documentation specific to CJOC anywhere...

    Do you have a link?

    If it's not currently possible; can you backlog the ability to create clientmasters via the rest api?

  • Denys Digtiar

    No, the documentation is not extensive. A few examples are:


    Scripting Templates

    The Client Master is special type of project, therefore it should be possible to follow the below KB to create it:

    How to create a job using the REST API and cURL?

    However as this article highlights, create a project is not enough, you need to establish the connection between two. 

    What was the original reason you asked for the API documentation?

    It will probably be easier to move this discussion to the support ticket.


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