Jenkins fails to start due to JENKINS-36666


Jenkins fails to start due to JENKINS-36666.

The master node’s jenkins.log file shows:

SEVERE hudson.PluginManager$1$3$2$1#reactOnCycle: found cycle in plugin dependencies: (root=Plugin:subversion, deactivating all involved) Plugin:subversion -> Plugin:workflow-scm-step -> Plugin:subversion -> Plugin:git -> Plugin:workflow-scm-step -> Plugin:parameterized-trigger -> Plugin:subversion


CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise



Upgrade to Jenkins core to v1.642.3 or greater, which will allow the Pipeline SCM Step Plugin (workflow-scm-step)
to be upgraded to v2.2 which contains the fix for this issue, JENKINS-35247. Please see How to upgrade Jenkins
for best practices.

If you cannot upgrade to Jenkins core v1.642.3 or greater, you can install workflow-scm-step plugin v1.14.2.
The workflow-scm-step plugin requires at minimum Jenkins core v1.609.3.

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