Elasticsearch Required Data


You have enabled Analytics and a problem with Elasticsearch occurs.


CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise


In order to investigate the issue please open a Support Ticket describing the issue
and the approximate time frame of the issue if appropiate. You should also include/upload the following
data in the Support Ticket:

  • Confirm your Elasticsearch version

  • Upload the config/elasticsearch.yml

  • Upload the Elasticsearch JAVA_OPTS and optionally ES_JAVA_OPTS if set. You should be able to get these values from the output of
    ps -ef | grep elasticsearch on the elasticsearch node(s).

  • Upload the /var/log/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.log

If any of the files are larger than 20 MB please use this service to upload them. Please update the Support Ticket
with the name of the file and who it was uploaded by.

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