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Build Hang or Fail with Git for Windows



  • Dave Parson

    For solution #1, you may need to perform a couple additional steps:

    1. Edit the .gitconfig for the account used to run the Jenkins Slave process, removing the credential.helper setting.
    2. Reboot the Jenkins Slave machine to ensure no orphan "Windows Git Credential Manager" processes previously started by Jenkins are still running.

  • Allan Burdajewicz

    Thanks Dave. We've updated the article.

  • Vasan J.s.

    This was a life saver!!

    Thanks a heap!!!

  • Ralph Jansen

    Disabling the credential manager (after uninstalling) in the installation wizard fixed the issue for me!

  • #2 worked for me. Thanks, you are a life saver. 


  • Isuru Madhushankha

    that fix, worked well... thanks a lot.

  • Darin Mcgrew

    Thanks. A new team is using GitHub and Windows for the first time. (Before, GitHub was used with Linux and TFS was used with Windows.) They were running into this issue. It's good to have it fixed.

  • Marius Bob

    uninstalled git and installed it again with "Enable Git Credential Manager" unchecked.

    It worked! You just saved me some hours of working :)



  • Harsh Sarode

    hey Thank you so much, the second one worked for me!!!!

  • Rafael Rezende

    I like the #3 better, but today I noticed that the Portable one comes with a gitconfig where the helper = manager is provided by default in mingw64\etc\gitconfig:

        helper = manager

    When I use it (hence, Jenkins installs it automatically), the following empty file gets created in the node: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\GitCredentialManager\tenant.cache

    Is this expected?

    (reference version:


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