My Master will not get new slaves from my Shared Cloud


My master will no longer grab slaves from my Shared Cloud on the Operations Center

Other Symptoms:
On the Operations Center the shared cloud shows that the master continues to lease out slaves
When you try to force release the slaves it will just grab another
The master does not show any executor available
You can not delete the shared cloud and add a new one because you can not delete an in use shared cloud


  • CloudBees Operations Center
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • Linux


This should only be done if no other means can be found to reconnect the shared cloud

  1. Stop the Jenkins master
  2. Stop the Jenkins OC
  3. Remove the file run-time-state.h2.db
  4. Restart the Jenkins OC
  5. Observe that all the slaves have disconnected completely from the master
  6. Restart the master

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